With the opening of our own office in Porto, we have established a full transport line between Porto (PT) and Achtmaal (NL). With this line, we are focusing on the transportation of shoes and fabric, combined with various heavy goods trade. By efficiently combining the current customer file of V. C. Europe with our customers in the fabric and shoe trade, we were able to reduce the costs for these transports to a minimum. In addition to cost reduction, our innovative loading method enables us to deploy about 20% less truck capacity, which is in line with our objectives to save the environment as much as possible. Currently we provide our customers with 2 regular departures from Portugal per week. Our trucks depart from Portugal every Tuesday and Friday, respectively arriving in the Netherlands every Friday and Tuesday. Since speed and service are very important to us, we provide our customers with the option of booking their shipments on Friday on one of our so-called ‘speed trucks’. These trucks arrive in the Netherlands on Monday. We depart daily from the Netherlands to all destinations in Portugal.