Partner with a clear vision.

VC Europe is an internationally operating forwarding company that transports a wide variety of goods worldwide. Flexibility, punctuality, quality and involvement are very important to VC Europe.

A good and tight planning ensures that your goods are delivered to the right place on the right time. It is this accuracy that has convinced our customers year after year to work with us. This shows that, at VC Europe, we earn the trust of our customer on a daily basis. We are constantly improving our quality. In 2010 we also received our ISO 9001 certification. VC Europe BV is very strong in developing complete logistics solutions, in which the environment is never forgotten. We use all transport modalities, road transport, rail transport, aviation, shipping or combination thereof intermodal, tri-modal). This applies both to complete and partial loads, ADR and NON-ADR. Since we are able to provide all of these transport modalities, our customers are guaranteed to receive many benefits with regard to time, costs and environment. One-stop shopping in which deliveries up to 28500 kg per shipment are possible as well as cabbotage (domestic transport abroad). In addition, the VC Europe is able to do a lot more than just transporting your products. We can also provide you ample storage and handling facilities.